Stacey Steele...                                                   Comic, Singer, Entertainer, Trainer
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Stacey Steele Yesnick is a comic, singer, entertainer and trainer based out of Greenacres, Florida. 
She is now the new Mrs. New York Petite 2014! Read more below...

From our family to yours, we wish you all the success in the world! Dream BIG!  xoxoxo

Click here to donate to Stacey's Foundation, SoberFit Inc. - there are many ways to help!
Donate for the Cause - Mrs. New York Petite 2014 has started a new Foundation.  For more information, message us!

Donate for Sponsorship - Community and state projects can become costly. Any level of sponsorship is GREATLY appreciated!  If you donate $500 or more Mrs. New York Petite 2014 will make an appearance for your business! For more information on sponsorship or advertising, message us!

Click here to vote for Stacey, Mrs. New York Petite. Your vote can help her win the crown...only one week left. Mrs. Petite USA, here we come!

Stacey is on the road to the Mrs. USA Petite Pageant! Only one week left before has been a long journey and we cannot wait to see Stacey take home that crown.  Follow her on facebook, instagram and twitter @staceysteele13 to see pics of her amazing adventures.  In the meantime, you can go to the link above to vote for her and show your support! Thank you and we hope to see you soon!!!

SoberFit Inc is official! You can read more about our message here...

Stacey recently performed as one of the New Faces of Comedy.  You can see her live at the Improv next month...For details and tickets, message us!

Stacey Steele has been named MRS. NEW YORK PETITE 2014!  She will be competing for the title of Mrs. USA Petite this summer.  If you would like to get involved, contact us!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a happy, healthy, wealthy 2014!

November 16, 2013 Show announced:  "GENERATIONS, MUSIC THROUGH THE YEARS"
Please join Stacey and her extremely talented father, Sammy Weber, as they take you on a journey through years of Broadway, Standards, Disco and more! Coffee and dessert at 7pm, 8pm showtime.  Tickets can be purchased through Stacey or Rabin Haddassah Valencia Lakes Chapter.  Email us for further info! 

Mrs. Greenacres to march in local Veteran's Day Parade Sunday, November 10, 2013. Come support our country's heros!

Stacey Steele Yesnick, a.k.a. MRS. GREENACRES, competed for the title of Mrs. Florida in August 2013.  Although she did not win Mrs. Florida, she took home the MRS. CONGENIALITY award and thanks to those of you who made donations, Stacey also received the AUDIENCE CHOICE award!  

Mrs. Greenacres interview and pageant pics are here! Enjoy...

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