​​​Encouraging words from STACEY:​​

I have come into the entertainment industry via a very rough road.   

Once you get to know more about me, you'll realize my mission in life 
is to motivate and inspire people on many different levels. ​

During my younger years, I was very into performance.  
I became a professional singer and dancer, and eventually got very 
comfortable on stage.  And I've been on stage most of my life.   
(Practice makes perfect, right Dad?!) I was a member of Sweet Adelines, 
where I was an assistant choreographer, singer and dancer while competing 
at both regional and international levels.

Now I am a professional singer and stand up comic. I do musical performances all over the South Florida region along with my amazingly talented father, Sammy Weber, Violinist.  My new comedy show, Take 2 with Kristina Montuori, is a revelation about dating in the strange world we're living in today and how two divorcees are getting along awesomely in this crazy environment! 

For us, entertaining is just about the love of being on stage and making people laugh, love and feel good!

Stacey Steele is an actor, stand up comic, singer, entertainer and personal trainer.

After a long, uphill battle with my weight, body fat and overall health, I finally decided to get on the fitness stage! Aside from working out and eating healthier, one thing that really helped me prepare was Fear Factor - in January of 2006, I was on Fear Factor. I was buried alive with rats and worms in a coffin, dropped 6 feet under and had 2000lbs of dirt thrown over me. I learned so much about myself and even more about people and will power.  It was an amazing and intense experience that helped me realize that we can do ANYTHING if we really want to make it happen!  IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT - YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT!!! 

Which brings me to why we're here.  Anyone can diet.  Anyone can workout.  Anyone can want to lose fat or gain muscle.  Anyone can get on the fitness stage.  Any One can get on ANY stage!  But wishing and wanting aren't enough, as many of you may already know!  You have to want it BADLY ENOUGH to make it happen. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN LIFE!  And if you're here, whatever your reason, then you're already on your way!  Congratulations! 

For the record, I used to be about 50 pounds heavier and had a body fat percentage of 35 (that's very unhealthy)!  I was going through a rough time in my life and finally made the decision to lose the fat and get my butt in gear and into shape.  With determination, motivation and the right workouts, I got myself to where I am today, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I use my experience and experiences to help motivate, Hedge-U-Cate and teach my clients and audience.  If you are ready to make the commitment to me, and more importantly, to you, then welcome ~ let's get started on your transformation...whether it's physical, mental or both.

I hope you'll find all the information on this site to be helpful. I truly look forward to working with you in the near future!!  Good luck and God Bless!!

In harmony, health, humor, fitness and lots of love,
Stacey Steele ❤️                                           

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