Enhance your health and lifestyle with fitness training from Stacey Steele, a personal trainer and fitness model based in Lake Worth, Florida. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, Stacey is known for her drive, ambition, positive attitude, love of life, and her gigantic smile.  Her philosophy on life is contagious!  Stacey will help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals, whatever they may be.  She started her career as a personal trainer in 1992 and began following her dream of becoming a fitness model in 2006. Stacey was named FAME International Fitness Champion in 2009, winning first place in her class with an upbeat, energetic cardio kickboxing routine.  

Stacey Steele was a National Fitness Instructor and Trainer with World Fitness Association for several years, which means that she is qualified to teach other personal trainers how to train clients. Additionally, she is a spokesmodel for gHP Sport, has been featured on over 50 different websites and in various fitness magazines, and is classified as an expert in Women's Fitness. Stacey is also a health and fitness writer for the National Examiner and has a huge following in the 55 plus communities of Palm Beach County.

Words from Stacey Steele:

"I am a National Fitness Instructor - which means I have trained and certified thousands of personal trainers and group fitness teachers to do what they love.  A teacher by nature and by trade, I pass my knowledge to my students through intense, hands on training.  I am an in home personal trainer.  That means NO MORE EXCUSES! I come right to your front door and create a personal workout and nutrition program exclusively for you! I am a fitness and bikini model.  I love to get involved in different, creative, professional projects. 

My objective when training is to help people achieve their goals through hard work, diet, and exercise and inspiration. I don't consider myself just a personal trainer, but more like a personal motivator, friend and sometimes even a shrink!  I provide all of my students with intense, interesting workouts that are constantly changing, important nutritional information and individualized programs that target their specific needs.  I pride myself on being extremely different; focusing on confidence and spirit as well as physical ability and physique.  I'm originally from New York and have been living and working in the Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach area for more than 10 years.

Stacey Steele today to learn how her fitness expertise can make a difference in your life.

Stacey's Weight Loss Journey...'before' and 'during'...


If you can BELIEVE it, you can ACHIEVE it!!!

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